Dagenham Park Church of England School

My Child At School (MCAS) App

At Dagenham Park Church of England School, we use a service called “My Child At School” (MCAS) to communicate information with parents and carers about their child(ren) in our school.

We use this service to provide you with the following:

  • View attendance information
  • View behaviour and Believe, Grow, Succeed notifications
  • View your child(ren)s timetable
  • Your child(ren)s Home Learning
  • View published assessment data and reports
  • Plus, other information

MCAS Access

MCAS can be accessed via the web or by using an app. To login via the web, please navigate to the 'Login' on our main menu and select the 'My Child At School' icon or click the link below. For help and instructions using the app for smartphones, please see the documentation on this page.

How to Log in

Access to MCAS is through the MCAS web site (https://www.mychildatschool.com/) or through the MCAS app. To register for the system please follow these steps:

You will find further information regarding MCAS on the Dagenham Park School website under parents’ information or by clicking here. If you experience any difficulties registering with the app, please email: mcas@dagenhampark.org.uk

App Downloads