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Cashless Catering – ParentPay

Dagenham Park has introduced a more convenient way to pay for school meals using a secure service called ParentPay. Once your child starts at Dagenham Park he/she will be given a letter with your activation codes for ParentPay and a PayPoint barcode.

Until you top up your child’s account he/she will need to bring a packed lunch to school.

What if your child receives a Free School Meal?
The school requires evidence that your child is entitled to free school meals. Once we have this, their daily allowance will be added automatically to their Parentpay account and you will not need to take any further action.

To apply for free school meals please follow this link.

What if your child does not receive Free School Meals?

You have a choice of two options on how you pay for your child’s school meals – online via www.parentpay.com (this is the easiest method) using the activation details on the letter your child receives shortly after starting, or at a PayPoint network store with cash, using the PayPoint barcode on the letter your child receives shortly after starting.

If you are going to make online payments with ParentPay you will need to first activate the account and then top up your child’s card with money.

  1. Go to www.parentpay.com and click on the Activate button
  2. Enter the activation codes – (these are on the letter your child receives shortly after starting)
  3. Click the Activate button
  4. Enter your details (including email address)
  5. Once the account is activated you can top up from the My payment items tab.

Please regularly top up enough money for your child to purchase food. An average amount is just over £2.30 per day. It is best to top up in multiples of £10.