“Dagenham Park has provided me with amazing opportunities such as The Queen Mary University Economics taster day.
I have also taken part in enrichment gaining my Duke of Edinburgh Award, which has taught me additional skills like leadership and resilience.”
Nicolae Popescu

“DP6 has welcomed me with open arms as an external student, I appreciate what this sixth form is doing for all students and the opportunities they present.

“Since arriving at Dagenham Park the staff have been very friendly and also helped me understand my course thoroughly, which is the BTEC L3 Extended National Diploma in Sport. I am also really enjoying the DP6 Basketball Academy with help from amazing coaching staff.

“Overall I am glad I made the right choice in joining DP6, and look forward to what the future holds.”

Daevonte Caddle

“Dagenham Park Sixth Form is exceptional in terms of the teachers and the extra curriculum they provide.
I have really enjoyed taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award; it has developed my independence as well as teamwork.
DP6 has always supported me and helped me to realise which course I want to study at university in the future, I am very grateful and happy that I joined the DP6 community.”
Victor Usenbor

“I am very grateful to have been accepted into Dagenham Park sixth form as it has given me the opportunity to grow in an environment that I’m already used to.

“The staff are very motivating and have showed me many opportunities when it has come to choosing career paths.”

Lilian Edose

“DP6 is truly an experience I’m delighted with.
The school, staff and students help me along the way and help me determine my goals. DP6 gives you amazing experiences and takes you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to do things you thought you could never have done…. for me it was Duke of Edinburgh which has helped me gain a lot of skills. So I would like to say thank you.”
Samiyah Rashid

“Personally, I feel very appreciated to have been accepted into DP6 especially as it has given me many opportunities to continuously excel in an environment I am already comfortable in.

“My teachers and tutors consistently motivate me to achieve the best of my ability by providing me with endless amounts of support to aid me for future careers.

“I have benefitted from the pathways to law masterclass and am really enjoying the Duke of Edinburgh.”

Neha Begum

“I am thankful for the support I get from the sixth form, which has enabled me to progress well and start some innovations such as a girls basketball team and Black History Month events. ”
Shauna Melbourne Myrie

My time at DP6 has taught me that every individual has their own skill and talent, whether big or small.

“Thanks to DP6 music enrichment, I was able to find and embrace my talent in song writing. This has taught me that a person’s skill also contributes to their identity and I know that music contributes to mine.

“I have had ample opportunities to perform and the Eucharist assemblies are close to my heart and I enjoy being at the forefront of these.

“As Head Girl I have developed leadership skills that I know will take me on to study medicine at university.

Serena Agbontaen

“Studying at DP6 is simply an amazing journey with an extraordinary outlook consisting of life-changing opportunities, inspiring teaching, enthusiastic staff and just a tremendous amount of fun.
Thank you DP6!”
Kathryn Indrapally

“I am happy that I stayed on at DP6 because I feel very supported with this important step.  I’m already familiar with the school, teachers, and peers here. I appreciate the different enrichment opportunities the sixth form offers such as the Duke of Edinburgh programme.” 

Akhlam Cali

“Dagenham Park is a great environment with very friendly people, they are extremely welcoming and kind, I would know this because I joined DP6 from another school.
Although I was new, everyone accepted me and welcomed me into their friendship groups.
Furthermore, Dagenham Park sixth form offers many opportunities to enrich every individual with life skills for example cooking on a budget, which will help me make nutritional meals in the future, when I am a student at university.”
Rafaella Maniago

Personally, in my perspective I feel that I am honoured and privilege to be a student at DP6. DP6 has supported me in a range of ways, academic mentors, tutor support, personalised learning by teachers who work hard to bring out the best in their students.

“I have made new friends in DP6 and feel proud to be part of the DP6 community and thoroughly enjoy my enrichment sessions in the fitness suite that keeps my mind and body healthy!

“I have learnt so much about myself and am grateful that DP6 is helping me on my journey towards adulthood.   

Calvin Cheung

“It has been a privilege to come to Dagenham Park because the teachers and staff members are very caring towards their students.
This enables students to work effectively and achieve the best possible grades.
The DP6 team has encouraged to me to apply for prestigious higher education programmes such as UCL’s Sutton Trust Aspiration Programme and Durham University’s summer school. ”
Farhana Sultana

It has been wonderful to have been accepted into Dagenham Park sixth form, the vast number and variety of opportunities and skills that it has offered and allowed me to develop has been very uplifting.

“Teaching staff, are extremely inspiring and have been a strong guidance to solidify my work ethic towards my A level subjects.

“DP6 has a determined environment that prompts the students to excel in all areas, and its positive outlook on success has made me adopt the concept of belief in achieving my academic goals in the future. 

Benjamin Azaka

“The sixth form has enables me to stay healthy and continue on with my interest in sport, by allowing me to join the basketball team.”
Nasim Rana

The DP6 experience is a memorable one for me. I have immersed myself in a variety of activities.

“Being part of Social Action Week has allowed me to fundraise for charities and help those who may be in need. Sixth form has taught me how to push myself to work hard to achieve my goals.

“I will forever be grateful for this fun-filled and enriching experience which is leading me to university. 

Sara Escobar Chnari

“Without the help of DP6, I would never have had the opportunity to challenge myself.
The Aspiration Programme has allowed me to gain a place on the UCL Realising Opportunities Programme and led to me push my limits in order to achieve the best possible grades and move on to Higher Education after Sixth Form.”
Anu Adesanya

“Dagenham Park has provided many opportunities such as Ivy House Award which is really  building my leadership skills.

“I will also be taking part in the “Duke of Edinburgh Award” which will teach me how to be independent and a good team member but mainly I am very happy I joined DP6 because the teachers always very helpful.”

Victoria Oladele

“DP6 is a sixth form that puts the focus on the students.
They aim to support students in any way they can with academic mentors and teachers who work hard to bring out the best in their students.
I have made the most of year 12 through my scientific interests. My EPQ project was based on the topic of Proton Beam Therapy and I have just returned from Nasa in Florida where I witnessed The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch, an experience I will never forget!”
Salamatu Fofanah

My time at DP6 so far has been nothing short of amazing, having already been a student at DP, my transition from secondary school to sixth form was extremely easy and smooth, and I have enjoyed the additional facilities I receive as a sixth form student such as a dedicated 6th form area.

“The teachers are always ready to help me out when I require help, and I feel I can speak to any member of DP6 staff at any time and receive assistance with anything that concerns me.

“The optimistic atmosphere in DP6 constantly motivates me and helps me to believe that I can achieve any goals in the future with hard work.  DP6 is an environment which paves the way for success. 

Ubaid Amin

“I am appreciative of all the career workshops the sixth form supplies, as it makes the choices about my future career abundantly clear.
I have gained interview skills and confidence through the Old Vic programme and employability skills during futures week.”
Isiah Akinsola

I am truly honored to be part of Dagenham Park Sixth Form and as Head Boy it has truly prepared me for my next steps to study business at University.

“I have had so many opportunities while I have been here, especially through the DP6 Basketball Academy.

Vasile Volcov

“I appreciate the different enrichment opportunities the sixth form offers in order for me to develop skills necessary for my future, such as cooking. ”
Nusrat Alim

As an external student, DP6 has shown me immense support and welcomed me in the kindest way possible.

“DP6 does not limit anyone’s potential or suppress our personality. For me, one way the school supported me was in year 12 when I completed my EPQ project based on the unusual topic of Cleopatra’s perception.

“I am extremely grateful for the encouragement that I have received and being equipped with academic research skills that will prove useful for when I complete my dissertation at University. 

Esther Orekoya