“Dagenham Park has provided me with amazing opportunities such as The Queen Mary University Economics taster day.
I have also taken part in enrichment gaining my Duke of Edinburgh Award, which has taught me additional skills like leadership and resilience.”
Nicolae Popescu

“Dagenham Park Sixth Form is exceptional in terms of the teachers and the extra curriculum they provide.
I have really enjoyed taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award; it has developed my independence as well as teamwork.
DP6 has always supported me and helped me to realise which course I want to study at university in the future, I am very grateful and happy that I joined the DP6 community.”
Victor Usenbor

“DP6 is truly an experience I’m delighted with.
The school, staff and students help me along the way and help me determine my goals. DP6 gives you amazing experiences and takes you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to do things you thought you could never have done…. for me it was Duke of Edinburgh which has helped me gain a lot of skills. So I would like to say thank you.”
Samiyah Rashid

“I am thankful for the support I get from the sixth form, which has enabled me to progress well and start some innovations such as a girls basketball team and Black History Month events. ”
Shauna Melbourne Myrie

“Studying at DP6 is simply an amazing journey with an extraordinary outlook consisting of life-changing opportunities, inspiring teaching, enthusiastic staff and just a tremendous amount of fun.
Thank you DP6!”
Kathryn Indrapally

“Dagenham Park is a great environment with very friendly people, they are extremely welcoming and kind, I would know this because I joined DP6 from another school.
Although I was new, everyone accepted me and welcomed me into their friendship groups.
Furthermore, Dagenham Park sixth form offers many opportunities to enrich every individual with life skills for example cooking on a budget, which will help me make nutritional meals in the future, when I am a student at university.”
Rafaella Maniago

“It has been a privilege to come to Dagenham Park because the teachers and staff members are very caring towards their students.
This enables students to work effectively and achieve the best possible grades.
The DP6 team has encouraged to me to apply for prestigious higher education programmes such as UCL’s Sutton Trust Aspiration Programme and Durham University’s summer school. ”
Farhana Sultana

“The sixth form has enables me to stay healthy and continue on with my interest in sport, by allowing me to join the basketball team.”
Nasim Rana

“Without the help of DP6, I would never have had the opportunity to challenge myself.
The Aspiration Programme has allowed me to gain a place on the UCL Realising Opportunities Programme and led to me push my limits in order to achieve the best possible grades and move on to Higher Education after Sixth Form.”
Anu Adesanya

“DP6 is a sixth form that puts the focus on the students.
They aim to support students in any way they can with academic mentors and teachers who work hard to bring out the best in their students.
I have made the most of year 12 through my scientific interests. My EPQ project was based on the topic of Proton Beam Therapy and I have just returned from Nasa in Florida where I witnessed The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch, an experience I will never forget!”
Salamatu Fofanah

“I am appreciative of all the career workshops the sixth form supplies, as it makes the choices about my future career abundantly clear.
I have gained interview skills and confidence through the Old Vic programme and employability skills during futures week.”
Isiah Akinsola

“I appreciate the different enrichment opportunities the sixth form offers in order for me to develop skills necessary for my future, such as cooking. ”
Nusrat Alim