Core Values

At Dagenham Park Church of England School we believe, we grow, we succeed. Dagenham Park is a truly inclusive school; we are committed to developing each individual, nurturing their talents and aspirations in order to develop confident young people who are ready for the challenges of adult life in the modern world.

We strive to inspire learners to excellence, stretching them academically and harnessing their creative energies so that they can make a full contribution to the school, wider community and beyond.

Statement of British Values

Christian Values & Ethos

  • Promotes a culture of respect for everyone in the school community.
  • Provides a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment.
  • Values each individual.
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • Recognises and rewards success.
  • Builds upon existing partnerships locally, nationally and internationally especially local Church of England parishes, the Diocese of Chelmsford and the Anglican Community.

Believe, Grow, Succeed

At Dagenham Park Church of England School we strive to inspire excellence through recognition and rewards. Our pupils are celebrated for their effort and success. We look for pupils who ‘go above and beyond’ and reward whenever this occurs, both formally and informally.


We have a set of nine learning behaviours that pupils are encouraged to display. These are incorporated into our school values of Believe, Grow, Succeed. Pupils that display these learning behaviours are rewarded with letters of commendation. We regularly celebrate pupils who have achieved BGS commendations with certificates and badges. Badges are presented by Headteacher, Mr Ash and are worn by our pupils with pride.


Full details of our expectations for behaviour and of our approach to rewards, sanctions, support and intervention can be found in our behaviour policy.

Ofsted Report

SIAMs Report

Artsmark Platinum Award

We are incredibly proud that in October 2020 we were awarded Artsmark Platinum. Arts mark is a standard awarded by Arts Council England, which benchmarks the standard of arts and cultural provision in a school. Platinum is the highest level that can be achieved.

In their awarding Statement, the Arts Council said:

“Dagenham Park CofE School has a strong arts offer with embedded pupil voice ensuring that your pupils have an arts-rich education drawing on the world class arts organisations in London. You have developed your arts based Creative Pedagogy and a range of work with local primary schools to support their arts teaching and curriculum that showcases high-quality teaching of arts and culture. You actively promote arts and cultural industries as genuine career choices, and promote opportunities to experience working alongside industry professionals, for example through your work with the Old Vic. You have a credible arts offer at KS4 and KS5 with 61% of pupils taking an arts GCSE, and have added Film studies GCSE. You also offer Arts Award bronze to your year 7’s. You have a named governor that takes responsibility for monitoring arts and culture. You support your Local Cultural Education Partnership and run the Inspire festival and a creative school’s network. Young people are ambassadors for high-quality provision and learning, for example through your primary dance project, Inspire Festival and LBBD Youth Culture Conference.”



Dagenham Park Church of England School is committed to community cohesion and equal opportunities

  • All admissions to Dagenham Park Church of England School are through the formal agreed Barking and Dagenham Local Authority Admissions Policy.
  • We will not accept informal applications for admission to Dagenham Park Church of England School.
  • Once a child has been allocated a place at Dagenham Park we will endeavour to have them on roll within ten days.
  • To assist with the admissions process and to ensure successful integration into the school we will request additional information from the student’s prior school.
  • If we are unclear of the student’s current academic attainment we will test students to ensure placement in the most suitable sets.
  • All new admissions are to be interviewed by the Head of Achievement, or if they are unavailable by an appropriate member of staff.

To apply for a school place and for further information, please follow the link below to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham School Admissions page

Academic Results

The academic results published are not current. Due to COVID-19 examinations in 2019/2020 were cancelled and no performance measures were published.
Key Stage 4
Percentage achieving a good pass in Maths and English 55%
Percentage achieving a strong pass in Maths and English 35%
EBacc average point score 3.86
Percentage entering EBacc 53%
Progress 8 score 0.14
Attainment 8 score 43
Staying in education or entering employment 93%
Key Stage 5
A Level Progress -0.04
Academic Qualifications (including A Levels) -0.02
Applied General Qualifications 0.06
Average Result Academic Qualifications C
Students progressing to education or employment 96%
Percentage of students completing their main study programme 95%
We currently have no vacancies

Financial Information

School Employees with a gross annual salary of £100000 or more
£100000 – £110000 0
£110000 – £120000 1

The following link contains the schools financial data for 2020/21

School Finances

Summer School 2021 Report

Summer School