Dear Parent/Carers,

I am writing to provide you with more information regarding the testing arrangements at the beginning of next term.

Your child will be expected to attend school on the below dates and times for testing.

Once they have completed their test, they will return home until their official first day of school which you will find later in this letter.

Sports Hall – meet outside Leisure Centre

Date Year group Form Time slot
01/09/2021 13 TBC 9:00am
01/09/2021 12 TBC 10:15am
01/09/2021 7 D, A, G 12:00pm
01/09/2021 7 E, N, H 1:00pm
01/09/2021 7 M, P 2:00pm
01/09/2021 7 K, C 3:00pm


Date Year group Form Time slot
02/09/2021 11 D, A, G 8:45am
02/09/2021 11 E, N, H 9:45am
02/09/2021 11 M, P 10:45am
02/09/2021 8 D, A, G 12:00pm
02/09/2021 8 E, N, H 1:00pm
02/09/2021 8 M, P 2:00pm


Date Year group Form Time slot
03/09/2021 10 D, A, G 9:30am
03/09/2021 10 E, N, H 10:30am
03/09/2021 10 M, P, K 11:30am
03/09/2021 9 D, A, G 12:30pm
03/09/2021 9 E, N, H 1:30pm
03/09/2021 9 M, P, K 2:30pm

If your child is unable to be tested on these dates, they will be required to undertake a test on their first day back in school.

If your child attends for testing, we will assume that you have given consent for your child to be tested. If you do not consent to have your child tested, then keep them away for the first test date and email the school your refusal of consent so that they are not tested on the second day.

I would also like to remind parents/carers that from September, students will no longer be in bubbles and the wearing of face coverings will be optional.

The latest guidance can be found at the below link:

Step 4 update – what parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges – GOV.UK (

Please also be aware of the following:

School Day Change

In September 2019, a new school day was introduced. The purpose of this was to introduce a training and learning programme for teachers to deal with curriculum changes. This change was initially for one year and it was due to be reviewed for the start of the 20/21 academic year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic it was not possible for this review to take place.

This review has now taken place and it has been decided from September 2021 the timings of the school day will be8.35am-3.05pm from Monday to Friday with students expected on site at 8.30am. This means there will be no extended Monday or an early finish on a Wednesday.

Key dates of return for teaching only

Year First Day of School
7 Friday 3rd September


8 Monday 6th September
9 Monday 6th September
10 Monday 6th September
11 Monday 6th September
12/13 Friday 3rd September




Chris Ash

This is a reproduction of an original letter. A copy of the original letter can be found here.